We envision a campus community that promotes, understands and welcomes students, faculty and staff from all cultural backgrounds and invite all to help us transform the University of Florida into a community that embraces curiosity while celebrating and embracing our differences and similarities! 


We recognize and celebrate that we are multifaceted beings made whole by different identities, experiences and perspectives – and in this way we are all connected.


Intercultural Engagement provides opportunities that create awareness, create safe and respectful spaces to learn more about oneself and others and where meaningful intercultural experiences and dialogues embrace the uniqueness of the many cultural, religious, and identity groups through our broad definition of diversity, which includes, among other dimensions of diversity, socioeconomic status, political beliefs, veteran’s status, sex, gender, racial/ethnic background, multifaceted identities, religious/spiritual affiliation, and other traditionally marginalized and underrepresented communities.


Engaging with various academic, co-curricular, service-learning and involvement areas on campus assist with learning the value of partnerships and enhances the campus experience through community involvement; fostering a sense of belonging among all community members in central.
Intercultural Dialogues provides opportunities for people to converse about topics that interrupt, call into question, and challenge what we think we know about important topics.
Developing the skills necessary to demonstrate perspectives and openness to diverse others, including the active engagement to understand the value that diversity bring to the educational setting, understanding worldwide experiences and fostering awareness of interconnectedness between people and cultures.